In Jujutsu Kaisen, Yuji Itadori was living an everyday life until he crossed paths with Megumi –and Sukuna’s fingers. From that point on, his world would be filled with spirits and missions to save people from their torments.

With the ability to manipulate Cursed Energy, superhuman strength, durability, and other powers that surpass that of the average sorcerer, Yuji Itadori is a formidable opponent to the spirits and other enemies he encounters. He’s seldom down for long, and his misses are often something he learns from, but there were those moments when he failed to get the job done –at least, at first.

Before Sukuna’s First Finger, Yuji Was Brave But Easily Defeated

Just after he first meets Megumi, Yuji tries to help him fight off the curses that have taken over two of the other students. Yuji manages to save one, but the curses come back and overpower Megumi.

Megumi warns him to run away, but he bravely tries to take them on again himself with his bare hands. Naturally, he’s easily overpowered, but the fact he could save Sasaki is a sign that he already has superior strength for an ordinary human.

He’s Easily Manipulated By Gojo After Eating That First Finger

It’s a good thing in the end, but when Yuji first meets Gojo, he doesn’t have much choice in what happens to him, to say the least. Yuji had already eaten Sukuna’s finger but was able to take back control of his body before Sukuna could launch into a full massacre. Gojo arrives suddenly looking for the cursed object.

He tells Yuji to switch back and forth with Sukuna at a ten-second interval. Yuji’s reluctant, but does it. As soon as he switches back to himself, though, Gojo knocks him out.

Yuji Dies In The Cursed Womb Arc

Jujutsu Kaisen's Yuji Itadori with Sukuna manifesting his mouth on his cheek, sticking out its tongue.

On a mission about a month after his first taste of Sukuna’s digits, Yuji is at a detention center on a mission with Nobara and Megumi. When a special grade curse spirit shows up, and Yuji knows how to use his cursed weapon now, but the spirit breaks it apart and uses it to cut off his arm.

Sukuna refuses to help until Yuji has been overpowered, but after dealing with the spirit, Yuji can’t get his body back. Sukuna goes after Megumi, but eventually, Yuji takes his body back –and then dies.

Sukuna Brings Him Back To Life, But Only On His Terms In The Cursed Training Arc

After his death, Gojo takes Yuji’s body to the college morgue, but Yuji Itadori isn’t actually dead –not quite. He ends up in Sukuna’s territory, where the King of Curses tells him he’ll bring him back to life, but only on terms that are clearly to his advantage.

Yuji does not agree, and they fight to see who gets their way. Not surprisingly, Sukuna easily defeats him. Yuji is revived with Sukuna intact before Gojo can even begin the examination.

Yuji & Gojo Let Hanami & Jogo Escape

Yuji Fighting In Jujutsu Kaisen

When Gojo teaches Yuji about Domain Expansion, he uses Jogo, a one-eyed cursed spirit, for training purposes. He follows to demonstrate the technique in an expert fashion as Yuji watches and learns. At the end of the demo, Gojo undoes his technique and beheads Jogo.

He’s dying, but Gojo still wants to question him. Before he can get the chance, Hanami, a special grade cursed spirit, arrives and distracts both Yuji and Gojo with a Flower Field technique, and he escapes with Jogo right under their noses.

Yuji Can’t Help Junpei When Mahito Shows Up

junpei dinner jujutsu kaisen

Junpei starts out as a high school student who befriends Yuji. But, he’s got a negative kind of attitude that makes him vulnerable to influence by Mahito, a human-looking cursed spirit.

Despair over his mother’s death makes him attack the other students at school. Yuji arrives to both fight and reason with him, but just when the situation is under control, Majito shows up. He easily overcomes Yuji’s strength and restrains him as he mutates Junpei. Yuji is forced to watch him die.

Yuji & Nanami Fall For Mahito’s Ruse & Let Him Escape

Mahito from Jujutsu Kaisen

After Junpei’s death, Nanami and Yuji battle with Mahito. When both of them team up, they make serious progress, largely because of Yuji’s ability to damage Mahito’s soul. Mahito is able to trap Nanami in a Domain Expansion, but Yuji can break into it.

The pair is just about to finish Mahito off, but the canny cursed spirit expands his body, knowing Yuji will attack. As he does, though, in reality, Mahito escapes into the sewers.

At The Tokyo Vs Kyoto Goodwill Event, Yuji’s Big Surprise Falls Flat

Yuji And Gojo Sensei In Jujutsu Kaisen

Most of his fellow students believe Yuji to be dead after the battle with Mahito. At the Tokyo vs Kyoto Goodwill Event, Yuji and Gojo come up with a plan to surprise everyone that goes sideways.

When the Tokyo and Kyoto students and faculty meet up for the first time, Gojo makes a grand entrance with a big box. Yuju jumps out of the box. Instead of laughter and surprise, most of the Tokyo team is shocked, and Nobara is even angry that he didn’t let him know he was still alive in person.

Yuji Loses Control Of Sukuna & Eats Another Finger

Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara are on a mission that leads them to Megumi’s old high school. After a series of skirmishes, it leads them to the Battle Beneath Yasohachi Bridge, where a finger bearer is hidden.

Megumi secures it, and after finishing off a couple of people, Yuji, Nobara and Megami wonder what to do with the finger. While they’re deciding to let Yuji hold on to it, Sukuna’s power seeps through, and a mouth appears on Yugi’s palm to eat it. Later, Sukuna mocks him for the deaths he’s caused.

Yuji Eats Ten Fingers & Unleashes Sukuna’s Wave Of Destruction

Yuji Itadori In Jujutsu Kaisen

On a mission, Yuji arrives at Shibuya station, where mutated humans are attacking other humans. Choso, a Cursed Womb: Death Painting, attacks Yuji (although they’d later become allies) and nearly kills him.

Nanako and Mimiko find Yuji and begin feeding him another of Sukuna’s fingers as other battles go on. Jogo arrives and overpowers them, and proceeds to feed ten more fingers to him. Sukuna awakens and begins a murder spree. Later, when Yuji finally regains control, he’s devastated at the path of destruction Sukuna has left.

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