Three People Takemichi Failed To Save In Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers is an explosively popular anime and manga series recently released. It follows protagonist Hanagaki Takemichi as he travels to the past and battles to fix the events of the present.

Takemichi persist despite his difficult circumstances to finally make progress. This piece will cover three people that Takemichi couldn’t save.

3 People Takemichi Failed To Save In Tokyo Revengers

1) Mikey

3 People Takemichi Failed To Save In Tokyo Revengers

The leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang, Mikey, who has a special interest in Takemichi. As the plot of Tokyo Revengers unfolds, it’s clear that Mikey is one of the focal points of the story.

On top of everything else he is working to accomplish, Takemichi must save Mikey from his inner demons. The journey of Mikey down the path of darkness is what allows the present Kisaki to wreak havoc. Despite all of Takemichi’s attempts, Mikey in the present is warped by his darkness.

2) Draken

3 People Takemichi Failed To Save In Tokyo Revengers

Drakken is the Vice-Commander of Toman. A part of Takemichi’s earlier missions in Tokyo Revengers is to save Drakken from being killed in the present. Drakken is Mikey’s closest friend, and is at one point believed to be only one who can keep Mikey’s dark side under control.

Takemichi pushes himself to the limits fighting for his team. Everyone was happy when he survived his battle, but the current Tokyo Revengers manga arc revealed that Drakken died so that Takemichi could live on.

3) Kisaki

3 People Takemichi Failed To Save In Tokyo Revengers

In Tokyo Revengers, the main antagonist is Kisaki. This evil genius is the mastermind behind all of Takemichi’s grief and sorrow. As the plot unravels, information about the mysterious puppet master is revealed.

Nobody could have predicted that Kisaki secretly admired Takemichi. At a strange encounter, Kisaki tells Takemichi that he failed to save him. In one of the alternate timelines of the present, Kisaki is about to shoot Takemichi when much to his surprise, Kisaki calls him his hero.

Although there are still many lingering questions to be answered above, it was clear that Kisaki wanted Takemichi to save him in some capacity. When Takemichi and Kisaki fought in the past, Kisaki is killed by a speeding truck. Seeing as Kisaki is dead, Takemichi failed to save him.


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