Is Mahito In Jujutsu Kaisen Dead?

Is Mahito In Jujutsu Kaisen Dead?
Is Mahito In Jujutsu Kaisen Dead?

Mahito is one of the most powerfull villains in Jujutsu Kaisen, and a major antagonist alongside Sukuna and Suguru Getou. Mahito is everything that a stereotypical curse is – malicious, violent, bloodthirsty, and being a special-grade curse, Mahito kicks it up a notch.

Technically speaking, Mahito is not dead because cursed spirits cannot be killed, but rather exorcized. This is the fact that brings Yuuji Itadori to an ethical dilemma when he was forced to kill humans distorted by Mahito’s Idle Transfiguration in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime.

That said, Mahito is actually in a Scrodinger’s cat situation. Geto’s attempted exorcism introduced the divine essence of darkness to his psyche, affecting his very existence.

In the manga, Mahito’s death is almost certain. He falls into a coma, and straddles the boundary between life and death. But Kenjaku comes at a crucial moment with an ex-machina style, using Suguru Geto’s jujutsu technique to extract Mahito from Itadori and Todou.

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Will Mahito survive this?

As a rule, cursed spirits in Jujutsu Kaisen can only be exorcized by using cursed energy against the spirit causing it to disappear. However, there are certain instances where heroes will kill the spiritual beings with sacred weapons like swords or arrows.

Unlike other jujutsu-based sorcerers, Suguru Geto is a special grade sorcerer-turned-curse user. His technique, Cursed Spirit Manipulation, can take a cursed spirit and bypassing them from the curse.

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 reveals that Geto unleashed 4,000 curses at once in an attempt to overpower and ingest Rika. Attempts to use this technique in the past have never been successful due to the instability of actions created through exploitation and the unrelenting and unforgiving curse power.

But the fact that he could expel them in such a manner suggests that the cursed spirits live on within Suguru Geto’s body.

Final thoughts regarding Mahito’s fate

Mahito’s cruelty and more immature aspects of his personality can turn him into a force of destruction. From Mahito’s crush on Nanami to what may be interpreted as (or original) death call about Satoru Gojou, he has the power to ruin lives.

Mahito is a worthy foe to Itadori, his desires a similar way of life to him. Mahito’s strength is a challenge for Itadori, when not only did he lose people in the past but soon loses his sister to Mahito.

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